Funerals for Children under 16 years of age

Non Profit Funerals – Provided at Cost Price for Children

Over the years we have heard people say to us that funeral directors make a living out of others’ grief.  To some extent this is true, but we see things differently: More from the perspective of providing an invaluable service at reasonable cost; and doing what we can to help others in their time of need. Our profession allows us that special honour.

Where children are concerned, we take the view that making any profit out of their parents’ grief is unacceptable. So, in the case of all children under 16 years of age in the Sydney and Central Coast areas we are offering to carry out all children’s funerals at cost price only.

Again, we hope this will in some way help ease the pain for families who have suffered such a tragic loss and who are unprepared both emotionally and financially for their young one’s passing.