Affordable Funerals for Pensioners

Australian Pensioners Low Cost Funerals, allow pensioners and those on low incomes in the Sydney and Central Coast areas to take advantage of our Low priced funeral packages.

The Funeral pricing we offer is realistic and reasonable. Burial from $3,300.00 and Cremation from $4,600.00. All the essential funeral services are included in these prices (For full details, see our Burial page and Cremation page)

Making Arrangements We are proud to be one of the few, who now provide Pensioners and people on low incomes the opportunity to access a   dignified, yet low cost funeral.

In NSW, funerals remain very expensive ($6000.00 for a basic service) due to the lack of competition and the lack of legislation on funeral prices. We hope our genuine offer in this time of financial hardship will assist many people.

Please note: We continue to offer our Low Cost Basic Funerals (See Basic Funeral Page)

Please do not hesitate to contact us on 1300 663 753 or 4322 6377 for any further details.

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